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The Law Office of Natalie R. Rowland is an Atlanta based law firm profoundly dedicated to providing a high level of personal service and attention.  We are a small firm by choice.  Our modest size allows us to be flexible, available and affordable while remaining focused on resolving our clients' legal concerns in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

We have tried cases in both Georgia state and federal courts and have represented clients throughout all stages of appeal.  Our experience goes beyond the courtroom, however, in developing strategies for cases and ways to avoid litigation before trial, when it is in our clients' best interests.   Whether it's help with your metro Atlanta real estate needs or effectively planning for your family's future, we will represent you with the enthusiasm, commitment and skill to protect your rights and deliver the justice you deserve.  The knowledge, integrity, fierce advocacy and professional approach we deliver to our clients is what sets our firm apart from other firms.  

If The Law Office of Natalie R. Rowland sounds like the right fit, we would love to show you how we would strategize your case, make sure you are effectively represented, and how we would obtain the best results possible for you.    

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